Stand-alone Installation
Extended Temperature Range
Wide Area Coverage
Low Power Consumption

ScadaFlex Packaged Controllers and RTU's
Fast, easy mounting and configuration without external hardware costs!

ScadaFlex II series controllers and RTUs save you money by providing functionality that typically requires additional components, programming and costs.
Scada Flex II Packaged Controllers   Packaged RTU's
  • Eliminate the need for extra hardware like data loggers, alarm dialers and cellular modems.
  • Get integrated HMIs at no extra cost, including cell phone, PC and tablet interfaces
  • Receive alarms and adjust setpoints on your cell phone – a built-in alarm dialer avoids additional costs!
  • View trend data graphically, or download information into virtually any database management package
  • Connect virtually any SCADA device with built-in Ethernet, serial and wireless communications support
  • Enjoy fill-in-the-blank configuration and no licensing fees – fast and easy!
  • Packaged RTU's give a low cost alternative to wide spread systems
  • Offering Mesh Radio communication options where hard wiring I/O could be difficult
  • Low power and battery operation provides a wide range of installation options
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SC 2

Analog Inputs 4 - 4-20mA 4 - 4-20mA   4 - Resistence,
4 - 4-20mA or 5VDC
4 - mA, V,
Resistance, Thermistor
Analog Outputs 2 - 4-20mA 2 - 4-20mA   - -
Digital Inputs 12 12   4 10
Digital Outputs 4 - Open Collector 4 - Relay   2 - Relay 10 - Relay
High Speed Digital Inputs 2 2   2 1
Programming Yes Yes   No No
Floating Point Available Available   No No
Local HMI Option Available Available   No No
RS-232 Serial Port Yes Yes   No No
RS-485 Yes Yes   No Available
Ethernet Yes Yes   No No
Cell Option Available Available   No No
Mesh Radio Option Available Available   Available Available
Internal Radio Option Available Available   Yes Available
Backup Battery Option Available Available   Yes No
3 years, factory parts and labor
Industry Leading Warranty
ICL’s products are designed for reliable performance in even the harshest environments, with robust built-in transient and surge protection, military-grade internal coatings and extended operating temperatures. Many ICL products also carry Class 1 Div 2 Hazardous Location ratings from UL in both the United States and Canada. All ICL products are covered by a one year factory parts and labor warranty.
SCADA-Expert Engineering Support
SCADA applications are systems, not just a collection of components. ICL not only helps you select the best components for a job, but helps with the overall system design including assistance with interfacing to 3rd party devices, developing reliable radio system designs with radio path studies and system modeling, as well as solar power design calculations for remote locations. Our expert engineering staff averages more than 20 years in the business to help you get up and running fast.