Save Money with Innovative SCADA Solutions
SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems save time and money by monitoring and controlling large-scale, automated industrial operations. SCADA systems can remotely control pumps, boilers, sensors and more to create efficient systems, cut payroll costs, reduce downtime and deliver increased productivity.

Data is the critical component. SCADA systems collect and record information as your process runs, and make that information immediately available to you. SCADA systems can indicate trouble spots, trigger alarms and provide in-depth troubleshooting information—all remotely and across great distances so you always know what’s going on in your system.

With SCADA systems, for example, you can eliminate the need for site visits by personnel for inspection, adjustments and data collection. SCADA systems enable you to monitor operations in real time and make modifications as needed. Plus, SCADA systems lead to continual process improvements and can increase the life-expectancy of your equipment. An effective SCADA system also can generate reports that help lower the cost of regulatory compliance.

The ICL Difference—Integrated low-cost performance

Industrial Control Links provides all of the typical SCADA system functions in a single integrated low-cost solution that eliminates the need to piece together different components and software applications, and avoids those additional costs. With ICL there is no programming needed for most applications, no recurring fees and you get astounding reliability!

Built-in networking makes our equipment easily accessible—to your PCs, laptops, tablets and other controllers and computers, on a local network, or miles away over the Internet. All ICL Controllers and RTUs include high-speed Ethernet, standard, and include built-in web interfaces for both configuration and data display. Wireless Ethernet is a universal option for all of our controllers and RTUS, providing connectivity to tablet computers and smart phones, as well as “drive-up closed-door support” using conventional laptops.

Wireless Communications
We offer many wireless solutions with our equipment— unlicensed spread spectrum and VHF (MURS) radios, licensed VHF and UHF radios, high-speed Ethernet and Wi-Fi radios, as well as cellular or satellite. Own your own private infrastructure, or benefit from the growing number of commercial choices available at lower prices than ever.

Multiple HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) are built in to every SCADA controller and RTU, with no HMI license fees regardless of tag counts or number of users. Available HMIs include graphical web for tablets, PC and laptops as well as mobile devices (like cell phones), two-way text messaging, and interactive voice. Each allows you to see process variables, adjust setpoints, and receive, view and acknowledge alarms, all with or without username/password protection.

Historical Trending and Data Logging
ICL trending and data logging tools keep years of records right in your SCADA controller. That’s right . . . millions of readings accessible down to the second! And every controller/RTU has built-in tools to search, graph, analyze, and download your collected data using standard web browsers built into your laptop, tablet or desktop computer. No additional license fees! No maintenance fees! Make your process information available in the field were it’s needed, when it’s needed. And don’t worry about losing a thing if a communications link goes down to your host computer. It’s backed up in your SCADA controller!

When there’s a problem, time is money. Getting alarm information out to responsible personnel is critical. ICL offers alarm notification by cell phone, e-mail or voice (ICL controllers feature a built-in voice alarm dialer!) with flexible scheduling options and alarm elevation.

Signal Conditioning
ICL’s Universal Analog Inputs support virtually any process sensor directly with no jumpers or switches to fail or corrode. Do away with the cost of converters and transmitters, and improve reliability by eliminating those extra little boxes. ICL’s Universal Analog Inputs support mA, voltage, mV, and resistance devices as well as thermocouples, RTDs, and thermistor temperature sensors with full linearization and compensation. 

Gas Flow
Reliably and accurately measure gas production with built-in AGA-3, AGA-7 and AGA-8 calculations as well as extensive security and journaling that exceeds industry standards! Webpage based screens for data and report access and calibration as well as remote access to data and parameters is included. Includes protocol enhancements that enable ICL SCADA controllers to drop right into existing systems. There is no extra charge for all flow computer features.

Although most SCADA functions are already included in our controllers, you can add your own custom capabilities with powerful programming tools, using any combination of Ladder Logic, Structured Text and C/C++. Program changes can be downloaded to the controller “on-the-fly” without stopping execution, so critical processes will not be affected. Pre-written logic blocks for more complex functions such as PID control, pump control and redundancy are included.

Integrated SCADA from ICL — staying competitive in a global marketplace!