Internal Radio – Convenient, built-in wireless communications
ICL SCADA controllers are available with built-in internal radios, featuring 900MHz Spread Spectrum radios designed for uninterrupted performance in extreme temperature conditions. Three brands are supported to provide compatibility with installed systems: Freewave, MDS Transnet and Digi/Maxstream.

ICL SCADA controllers also include internal modems.

Easily interface with external radios—a simple, reliable approach that saves time and money.
Industry Leading Warranty
ICL’s products are designed for reliable performance in even the harshest environments, with robust built-in transient and surge protection, military-grade internal coatings and extended operating temperatures. Many ICL products also carry Class 1 Div 2 Hazardous Location ratings from UL in both the United States and Canada. All ICL products are covered by a one year factory parts and labor warranty.
SCADA-Expert Engineering Support
SCADA applications are systems, not just a collection of components. ICL not only helps you select the best components for a job, but helps with the overall system design including assistance with interfacing to 3rd party devices, developing reliable radio system designs with radio path studies and system modeling, as well as solar power design calculations for remote locations. Our expert engineering staff averages more than 20 years in the business to help you get up and running fast.