Does ICL provide Ethernet SCADA solutions?
Yes. ICL’s Pinnacle series programmable controllers and Sentry Series RTUs easily accommodate Ethernet SCADA with built-in Ethernet, serial and wireless communications support. ICL SCADA solutions support virtually all industry standard network protocols including Ethernet IP, Modbus TCPIP, DNP3, SDX, HTTP, FTP and Telnet. LEARN MORE.

Will an ICL SCADA solution connect with the boilers, pumps, valves, meters, sensors and other control equipment I currently have?
Yes. ICL SCADA solutions give you tremendous flexibility in connecting nearly any equipment, PLC or Process Control Instrument in an integrated solution. ICL controllers and RTUs come with a variety of digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs and outputs, and communications capabilities to cover virtually any SCADA solution. LEARN MORE. 

Can ICL accommodate different kinds of sensors in a single SCADA controller or RTU?
Yes. Innovative technology from ICL lets you incorporate all sorts of devices into an integrated SCADA solution with no converters, switches or custom programming. ICL’s Universal Analog Inputs directly support 4-20mA, voltage mV, resistance, thermocouples, RTDs and thermistor sensors in a single RTU, without converters or transmitters.LEARN MORE.

Can an ICL SCADA solution be integrated with my business systems?
Yes. Because ICL SCADA solutions are built on an open communications architecture and support a wide variety of industry-standard protocols, information from ICL’s SCADA solutions can easily be downloaded into many database management and other software packages. With ICL SCADA solutions, you get immediate access to more complete information to help you make better business decisions.

Can ICL’s SCADA system help lower the cost of regulatory compliance?
Yes. Regulations seem to change constantly, requiring varying levels of detail on an ever-increasing range of environmental criteria. SCADA solutions from ICL can capture, store, monitor and report on system performance in great detail, so even as regulations change, you can have the information and control you need to simplify compliance. Plus, ICL’s integrated solutions result in more efficient, cost effective SCADA systems.

Does ICL provide integrated HMI support at no additional cost?
Yes. With ICL, HMIs are built in so there are no HMI per-user license or software maintenance fees to worry about. ICL SCADA controllers and RTUs support a variety of HMIs, from cell phones and tablets to web pages and dedicated panels. ICL solutions take advantage of Ethernet and telephone interfaces to provide easy configuration, graphical views of operating statuses, and remote access for adjusting setpoints. Plus, ICL’s HMIs are integrated with alarming functions for viewing and acknowledging alarms. LEARN MORE.

Do ICL SCADA solutions capture data on events and alarms? 
Yes. ICL SCADA solutions provide extensive data logging and data trending capabilities without costly add-on modules. ICL SCADA controllers and RTUs capture years of data on events and alarms with up to 2GB of storage capacity. Built-in web-graphic displays let you easily view electronic strip charts and pan or zoom into any specified time period in great detail. ICL controllers feature built-in flash disks, and data can also be recorded or transferred to USB storage devices. You can also download logged data into just about any database management software package. LEARN MORE

Do I need special configuration software or training?
No. All ICL SCADA controllers, RTUs and distributed I/O modules can be set up with simple fill-in-the-blank configuration. ICL’s HMIs and most SCADA functions, including communications, data logging and alarming can be configured with simple fill-in-the blank steps that eliminate programming requirements and result in faster deployment and lower costs. With ICL, configuring components is easy and can be done over the Internet. LEARN MORE.

Can I send alarm notifications to different people depending on time of day?
Yes. ICL’s SCADA controllers and RTUs provide flexible alarm management. You can identify up to 16 alarm destinations (phone numbers and contacts). You can direct alarms by time of day or shift schedule – and establish separate escalation lists to determine who gets called if there is no response from the first list. LEARN MORE.

Can I receive and respond to alarms on my cell phone?
Yes. ICL’s integrated SCADA solutions support wireless networking and let you communicate with controllers and RTUs with your cell phone, tablet or PC. You can use your cell phone to make inquiries, receive and acknowledge alarms, and even change tagged values in the controller or RTU. With ICL, you can send alarm notifications via text message, email or voice (with an integrated, internal dialer). LEARN MORE.

Can alarms be sent in different languages?
Yes. When you choose to send alarm notifications via voice, you can choose the language in which each person to receive the notification will hear the alarm. LEARN MORE.

Can alarms include analog information or just on/off status?
With ICL’s flexible alarm management, you can embed alarm notifications with analog information in addition to on/off status. Alarms can show, for example, not just that a certain temperature has been exceeded, but when, and what the current temperature is.LEARN MORE.

Can ICL SCADA solutions communicate across meshed networks?
Yes. ICL SCADA solutions can be deployed in virtually any network configuration, including wireless networks and meshed networks.

Can my SCADA system grow after the initial implementation?
Yes. Solutions from ICL are highly scalable. ICL’s offers expandable I/O for Ethernet, serial and wireless networks.

Do ICL SCADA solutions offer reliable data security?
Yes. ICL provides the latest security technology to protect your systems and data exchanges. Alarms and messages can be encrypted with AES-128 encryption, the same encryption used by the National Security Agency, and extreme attention has been paid to data integrity.