Downloads for RTUs
Sentry Series RTUs
Technical Manual ( in revision - please contact Technical Support )
I/O Config current release
I/O Config Read Me file

Ascent Modules
Technical Manual

ScadaFlex II Series Modules
Configuration Manual
ScadaFlex SC-1 Hardware Reference Manual
ScadaFlex SC-2 Hardware Reference Manual

ScadaFlex II SC1 Firmware v1.02.14 (Mesh Version)
ScadaFlex II SC1 Firmware v1.02.12 (Radio Version)
ScadaFlex II SC2 Firmware v1.02.14

Sentry Series Modules
Sprite IIa Firmware v1.26.12
Spectra IIa Firmware v1.26.12
Solaras IIa Firmware v1.26.12

Upgrade Procedure for ScadaFlex II and Sentry Series

*Please note that upgrading ScadaFlex II and Sentry Series units from older firmware may require manually re-downloading any program already in the unit. Applies to Sentry v1.25.xx or earlier and ScadaFlex II 1.01.xx or earlier. Please contact ICL Technical Support if you have questions before upgrading from these versions.

Modulus Series Modules
I/O Module Firmware v1.02.03*
I/O Module Firmware v1.02.03EIP**

Cell Module Firmware v1.02.03*
Cell Module Firmware v1.02.03EIP**

Comm Module Firmware v1,02.03*
Comm Module Firmware v1,02.03EIP**

Mesh Module Firmware v1.02.03*
Mesh Module Firmware v1.02.03EIP**

Upgrade Procedure for Modulus Series

Installation and Operations Manual
Modulus Dashboard Reference Manual

* Includes TLS encrypted Email and MQTT but does not include Ethernet IP
** Includes Ethernet IP and non-encrypted Email and MQTT