Providing cost-saving monitoring, alarming, data collection and remote control solutions for the Water/Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Power, and Manufacturing industries.
Save Money with Innovative SCADA Solutions from ICL

SCADA systems save time and money by monitoring and controlling large-scale, widely distributed automated operations. They continually monitor processes and alert you when problems occur, improving efficiency, cutting payroll costs and reducing downtime. Data is critical, and ICL collects and shares data more reliably with less cost and effort than anyone. Check out the ICL difference.

Industry Leading Warranty
ICL’s products are designed for reliable performance in even the harshest environments, with robust built-in transient and surge protection, military-grade internal coatings and extended operating temperatures. Many ICL products also carry Class 1 Div 2 Hazardous Location ratings from UL in both the United States and Canada. All ICL products are covered by a one year factory parts and labor warranty.
SCADA-Expert Engineering Support
SCADA applications are systems, not just a collection of components. ICL not only helps you select the best components for a job, but helps with the overall system design including assistance with interfacing to 3rd party devices, developing reliable radio system designs with radio path studies and system modeling, as well as solar power design calculations for remote locations. Our expert engineering staff averages more than 20 years in the business to help you get up and running fast.
Universal inputs and built-in signal conditioning — no converters!
ICL’s Universal Analog Inputs directly support 4-20mA, voltage mV, resistance, thermocouples, RTDs and thermistor sensors and eliminate the cost of signal converters and transmitters.
'Fill-in-the-blanks’ configuration – eliminates most programming.
Configure communications, networking, data logging, alarming and HMIs without programming for faster deployment and lower costs.
Integrated HMIs – including cell phone and tablet interfaces!
Built-in HMIs with no recurring per-user fees, tag limits or maintenance fees let you text your controller, take advantage of web access and save thousands of dollars.
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Historical trending and data logging built in!
Capture years of data that you can search, graph, download and analyze with free tools built into your laptop, tablet or desktop computer. Never pay another license or maintenance fee again!
Alarm management with historical journaling and flexible scheduling.
Send and acknowledge alarm notifications by voice, text or email. You can route alarm notifications based on time of day or shift schedule, view alarm history through the web and eliminate the cost of external dialers.
A multi-run gas flow computer in every controller!
AGA-3, AGA-7 and AGA-8 are included at no additional cost, and no external software is required (web-based SCADA host, journaling and calibration tools included).
Cell phone support for alarming and remote access.
With ICL’s built-in networking capabilities and wireless communications support you can connect to your system from just about anywhere through your PC, tablet, cell phone or any Internet connection.